12 DEC
Sala Apolo
17.00 h


An independent clinical trial to validate rapid testing as a strategy for holding concerts and other physical events safely and without social distancing.


Primavera Sound together with the La Fundación contra el SIDA y las enfermedades infecciosas i el Hospital Universitari Trias i Pujol de Badalona (Foundation against AIDS and Infectious Diseases and the Hospital Universitari Trias i Pujol of Badalona) (Barcelona) are, for the moment, promoting this clinical trial.


This clinical research has been structured in 4 phases:

  • 1Laboratory research to select rapid tests:

    • That had a similar sensitivity to PCRs, considered the “Gold Standard”.
    • That were efficient in terms of cost, operation and time in providing results.

    Once this phase was completed, the team of virologists selected the Abbott test:

    • Due to its high sensitivity (similar to PCRs).
    • Cost, 4-5€.
    • Up to 15 minutes to give results.
    • Easy to use, they come in self-contained kits and there is no need to process them in a laboratory.

  • 2Design of a health and safety protocol that includes the implementation of a rapid testing strategy for a clinical trial at a real event:

    • This protocol has been approved by the health authorities of Catalonia.
    • The protocol has been designed in a transversal way so that it can be applied both to indoor and outdoor venues and to any type of event.
    • The authorities have given the go-ahead for the protocol to be applied and scaled up for all types of physical events, should the results of the study be positive.

  • 3Clinical trial, with a concert in a venue in Barcelona for 500 people without social distancing:

    • December 12th, 2020.
    • The protocol approved by the health authorities will be implemented.
    • To guarantee maximum scientific rigour:
      • 1000 people will be invited. All will be tested for antigens and will do a PCR.
      • From those who test negative in the rapid test, 500 people will be randomly selected to enter the concert. The rest will be part of the control group.
      • One week later, another PCR test will be done on the group that entered the event and on the control group.

  • 4Publication of the results.


The clinical trial will take place on 12th December in the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. If our hypothesis is confirmed at the end of December, we will have a preliminary report that will include the methodology of the study and the results.

This trial will demonstrate that safe environments can be created for holding physical indoor and outdoor events without social distancing. The data and the report to be published should constitute scientific evidence to support the viability of rapid testing implementation strategies as a way to reactivate the activity of concert promoters, festivals, clubs, professional events, sports, and venue managers without risk to workers, artists, speakers and the public.

Check here the provisional budget

Because you are part of the industry, whether you are a promoter, venue, service provider, represent artist(s), sponsor or promote your products at live events, organize professional events or simply want to help get live music playing again. It has been the worst year of our lives for the industry and we cannot afford another year like it. As an industry, we have a responsibility to take the lead and show that we can safely return to business.
As you can see, the study is ambitious, rigorous and costly. From Primavera Sound we are going to lay the first stone, but we need your help.

Any contribution will be welcomed and recognised with presence and mention in the press release, on the studio’s website, in the Apolo venue during the event and of course in the report of the trial with the results. The categories of Sponsors are:


Contributions of 25,000€ or more


Contributions of between 5001€ to 24,999€


Contributions of up to 5000€

The funds will go directly to the Fundación contra el SIDA y las Enfermedades Infecciosas. The Foundation will issue a donation certificate to the Sponsors who collaborate in financing the study.

To make a donation you can do so by transfer to:

  • Fundación FLS de Lucha contra el Sida y las Enfermedades Infecciosas

    Bank account number: ES72 2100 0325 40 0200116806
    Concept: Primacov Study

  • Details of the foundation:
    Fundación FLS de Lucha contra el Sida y las Enfermedades Infecciosas

    Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol
    Ctra de Canyet s/n
    Edifici Maternal 2a planta
    08916 Badalona
    CIF G60182821

Once you have made the transfer, please send the receipt and the logos of your company to the following address: backontrack@primaverasound.com

We want to make it clear that this study is independent and not linked to or supported by any laboratory. The Abbott tests selected meet the criteria of accuracy and operational and economic efficiency set by the team of virologists. The results of this study should be homologated to any COVID detection test that meets similar standards.


We are almost there...



For further enquiries contact: backontrack@primaverasound.com